Sharon Mead, LMFT

Cultivating Healthy Relationships
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My approach to therapy

My therapy is grounded in theories that are proven, effective, and scientifically based.  Research shows that therapist attunement to you is the most important component in successful therapy.  My life experience has uniquely suited me to working with a wide range of clients especially in Silicon Valley.  On-going post-graduate training in couples therapy and trauma treatment brings the latest in research backed treatment to the work we will do together. 


Theory of change

I came into this field from a very cognitive, rational background, but emotional and relational problems in my life taught me some important lessons about change.  Well-honed logical abilities do not help by themselves.  To get lasting relief, we must make changes in feelings, thoughts and actions.  However, these things are very resistant to change because they have become hardwired into our brains and bodies by repeated experience - especially early in our lives.  Our past shapes the way we see and interact with the world and therefore how the world interacts with us. New knowledge does not erase old learning by itself.  


Change is created through new experience, a new sense made of experience in both mind and body, and repetition.  This is made possible by a supportive relationship with a skilled therapist with whom you feel accepted and safe.  


After developing an understanding of you and your needs, the therapist helps you come up with small experiments with new ways of being, first in the office, and then out in the world.  At first experiments may simply be imagining a different outcome.  We work with attention to bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts and gradually you develop a different way to interact in the world and the world will respond in kind.


I come to this field with broad life experiences that have informed my work with clients. Before becoming a therapist, I worked for 13 years in software development and management in a large Bay Area technology company.  My real life experience in the Silicon Valley, two career family and the stresses involved inform my therapy



MA counseling psychology -Santa Clara University. 


 Post graduate training

  • Extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (A level - Additional Training with Supervision complete)
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level I and II 
  • Gottman 7 Principles Educator training
  • Gottman Bringing Baby Home educator training 
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute training in treating trauma and PTSD.

  • Gestalt Relational Coaching and Constellations 


MS Computer Science - Purdue University


For those familiar with therapeutic modalities:

My approach is based in humanistic existential psychotherapy, particularly influenced by gestalt relational theory, attachment theory, and interpersonal neurobiology.  

Emotionally Focused Couples therapy is a highly effective evidenced based treatment built on these same foundations.  

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a relational and somatic therapy for trauma and for emotional dysregulation.